14 reasons to take up swimming

Swimming is as natural to a person as running. We all know that being in the water is good for both physical and mental health. In this article you will find an additional incentive to go to the pool with lifeguard training.

Weight loss

The most obvious beneficial effect of swimming is fat burning. Moreover, the number of calories that you spend during a conscientious swim is really huge. Firstly, many muscle groups are immediately involved in the work. Secondly, cold water helps to spend extra energy. For the greatest effect, learn how to swim with a butterfly. This is the most energy-intensive style.

We have collected the best workouts for different purposes on one page ! Choose an option for your fitness level, master the correct technique of movement from photos and videos, and get ready to make sports a part of your life.

Posture improvement

Many of us spend most of the day in front of a computer. Swimming can greatly improve your posture . In addition to the fact that the spine experiences less gravitational loads in water, swimming improves the condition of the muscles of the back, chest and lower back. Swimming on the back crawl is the best remedy for slouching.

Tightened belly

It seems that during swimming, the legs and arms work the most. However, the abdominal muscles are also involved in the work. In order to pump up the press with the help of swimming, you should give preference to the “dolphin” style. But other styles will help get rid of belly fat.

Healthy lungs and heart

Many professional swimmers started their careers to get rid of asthma attacks. Proper breathing, which is necessary during swimming, as well as moist air, have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the lungs. With regular swimming lessons, the heart rate decreases (up to 45–50 beats per minute at rest), and at the same time, the maximum power of the heart increases (up to 200 contractions).

Benefits for joints

Water will make your joints more flexible. But swimming works well not only as a prevention of joint diseases. You can also swim during exacerbations: cooling will relieve pain, and smooth movements will have a massage effect.

Blood improvement

Even after a single swim, the composition of the blood noticeably changes for the better: the number of red blood cells and the level of hemoglobin increase. What can we say about the positive impact of regular training in the pool.

Alternative to the gym

The pool can be a great alternative for those days when you don’t have enough energy to work out in the gym or don’t feel like running in the rain . Make a promise to yourself that you won’t exhaust yourself, but just swim at a comfortable pace. After 5-10 minutes of relaxing in the water, you may have the strength for a full workout. And if not, don’t scold yourself: it’s better than nothing.

Digital detox

Even in the gym and on the treadmill, many do not part with their smartphone. In the pool you will be unavailable even for calls.

Gentle workout

Swimming is great for recovering from an injury or simply after too much exercise. Swimming also perfectly complements jogging, contributing to faster muscle recovery than rest days with no physical activity at all.


The positive effect of water procedures on immunity is well known. But deciding to douse with ice water or even a contrast shower is not so easy. But in the pool, cold water is perceived quite naturally, providing the same tempering effect.

Fighting temptations

Sometimes in the evening there is simply not enough strength to fight your bad habits . Swimming can become your faithful assistant. First, it will take at least an hour of your time. Secondly, after swimming, your mood is guaranteed to improve, and there will simply be no need for an extra cake or a glass of wine.

Entertainment for the whole family

Swimming is a sport accessible to all ages. From an early age, children enjoy being in the pool. And for the elderly, swimming is perhaps the safest way to keep fit. Take the whole family to the pool!

Intelligence enhancement

Movement in the water requires special coordination, and vigorous breathing during an intense swim saturates the blood with oxygen. To make swimming smarter, swim in different styles at a fast pace.

Relaxation after a hard day

The sound of water helps to relieve stress and distract from problems. Lower water temperature also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. If after a working day you can’t relax, and at night you can’t fall asleep for a long time , go to the pool in the evenings. To relax, swim with simple strokes – breaststroke or backstroke.

Undoubtedly, all sports provide health benefits, as long as they are practiced properly. However, swimming has special characteristics that other types of aerobic exercise do not have. Some of these benefits are:

  • Provides incredible cardiopulmonary resistance.
    Stimulates blood circulation.
    It helps to maintain a stable blood pressure.
    Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
    Development of most muscle groups (more than two thirds of all the muscles in our body).
    Strengthens joint tissues preventing possible injuries.
    Facilitates the elimination of bronchial secretions.
    Improves body posture.
    Develop flexibility.
    Relieves tensions.
    Generates positive moods.
    Helps improve anxiety states and relieve symptoms of depression.
    It relaxes the excessive muscular tonicity of the daily task.
    It stimulates growth and physical-psychological development.
    Improves psychomotor development.
    Promotes self-esteem.

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