Popular issue with Netflix freezing screen and ways to solve it

Popular issue with Netflix freezing screen and ways to solve it

Undoubtedly, Netflix is the most popular online streaming service. It has completely revolutionized the telecast of shows. The proof of its popularity is that it has around 170 million paying subscribers all across the world.

 During the covid era, binge-watching is probably the only thing that has kept us sane. The popularity of Netflix is such that Netflix and Chill have become popular lifestyle slang these days. 

But imagine, on a weekend when you are set with snacks and your essentials, to binge-watch your favorite shows, and then suddenly the screen freezes. Could there be something worse than this to ruin your mood? Netflix freezing is the most common problem users face. The screen stops responding, and video or audio contains. Got more problems than just Netflix freezing, AMTricks can help your windows with that. There can be a variety of reasons for this to occur. Agreed that the problem is inevitable, but it’s not unsolvable. 

Let us come to your rescue with these simplest amazing troubleshooting ideas, along with when to use them.

1. Poor network connection:

Slow, interrupted internet connectivity is the prime and foremost reason for Netflix freezing to occur. Ensure that the device is connected to the proper internet connection. Disconnect and reconnect the data or Wi-Fi.

 If the problem persists, restart the router or unplug it for some time. You can access the internet troubleshooting options if you are using a PC.

2. Netflix status:

If your internet connectivity is fine and you still face screen freezing, this might be due to Netflix’s service being down. It can occur when the team is doing some preventive maintenance work.

To check the server status, Go to the Netflix Help Center and Status page. There you will find whether the Netflix servers are currently accessible or not.

3. Outdated version:

Netflix regularly updates its service to include new features, remove bugs, or enhance the streaming. So, an outdated version of Netflix can be the reason why glitches or screen freezing are occurring. 

 To update Netflix on an Android device, go to Google Play Store. Either search Netflix or access it from the downloaded applications. And download its current version.

 If you are using a PC or Windows device, launch the Microsoft Store from the Start Menu. Click on My Profile, scroll to Download And Updates and check for new updates.

Click on the update option present beside the Netflix icon.

 Similarly, if your operating system is outdated, it can lead to glitches in all the applications, including Netflix. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the operating system.

To check for the same, go to Settings on your Android device. Access the Software And Updates option in the About section. There you will find if you are using the latest version or not.

 On Windows devices, go to settings from the Start Menu.

Access the Update And Security tab. See if any update is available and update if present. 

Refresh: Some information and data need to be constantly updated and refreshed. If you fail to do so, the system starts lagging, and so does Netflix. The easiest solution for this is to restart or reboot your device.

4. Re-login:

Sometimes temporary issues or glitches can occur and corrupt your user data. This can also lead to Netflix freezing while streaming. 

 The simplest solution is to sign out of the current session. For this, go to My Profile. Click on the Sign Out option. After signing out, wait for a few minutes and then Re-login into your account and see if the problem is solved.

 5. Free Wi-Fi or public network:

You might face freezing problems when you use a public internet connection or a free Wi-Fi hotspot. In some hotels or educational institutions, the public administrator might block Netflix or other streaming websites. In this case, you can either use your data or a VPN.

 You can also use VPN to access licensable shows that are restricted to a specific geographical location.

 Some VPNs are compatible with Netflix and do not cause such problems. But using VPN can sometimes lead to legal issues. That’s why Netflix often blocks or restricts VPN subscribers. To continue watching, you have to turn off the VPN.

6. Cookies or Cache:

Browsers and mobile applications store some temporary data in cookies or cache to enhance or fasten the streaming. But sometimes, excess data slows down the application’s functioning and causes the Netflix screen to freeze.

 To clear browsing data on a PC or laptop, go to the Browser Settings located at the top right corner of the screen. Then go to the Security Or Privacy Option. Click on the Clear browsing data option.

You will be asked to select the time range: the last one hour, the last 24 hours, or all time. Select the All-Time option.

Make sure that you include Clearing Cache And Cookies and then restart Netflix.

 On Android or iOS, a user can do this by clearing application data. For this, either you go to the Settings and then in the Downloaded Applications, choose the Netflix option, or long-press on the Netflix icon on the Home Menu. Go to the Storage tab. There click on the Clear data and clear cache option and then restart the application.

7. Outdated Graphics Driver: 

Outdated graphic drivers fail to keep up with the updated version of Netflix. This is something PC, or laptop users have to face regularly. You need to install the latest version of the graphic driver. For this, visit the Manufacturer’s Website and download the graphic driver suitable for your operating system.

 These were the easiest solutions to combat Netflix freezing. I hope they help you enjoy uninterrupted shows. If the problem continues, feel free to email Netflix regarding the same.

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