Home decor: the codes of the Scandinavian and ethnic trend

To make the ideal home decor, you have been searching and seeking the right type for your house. Today we are going to introduce you the Scandinanvian decor and ethnic decor tips!

The codes of the Scandinavian trend

Lovers of animal skins, fleece plaids, wood fires, bay windows and practical furniture: the Scandinavian trend is made for you! Comfort, functionality, brightness, this is how Scandinavian decor is defined, a timeless style that has been particularly appreciated for a few years. It has the advantage of being timeless and quite simple to set up. This style of interior decoration is warm and functional, bright and comfortable. It combines many advantages and can be declined in different ways, playing on materials and colors.

The materials of the Scandinavian trend:

Light wood, oak, birch…

A natural oak floor will announce the color of the cozy Scandinavian style. Whichever version you choose, it is advisable to opt for a clear covering that will bring out the decorative elements of your interior. We also find the oak on the furniture: compass legs of a beautiful sideboard or chairs in the Scandinavian dining room.

The Scandinavian style was imagined in the 1930s and has been very popular again in recent years. Minimalist vintage furniture with simple shapes is representative of Nordic decor.

In terms of materials, we also find birch. As we appreciate light wood, birch is emblematic of the Scandinavian trend. Table, bedside table, chest of drawers or desk, it must necessarily be somewhere.

Cotton and patterned fabric

In terms of decoration, bring warmth with thick rugs, animal skins on the floor, on armchairs or a bed corner. Have maxi fleece throws here and there as well as soft cushions. A warm fireplace or a blaze in a modern wood stove will add a cozy, hygge touch to a Scandinavian-style interior.

Also, white cotton, timeless, timeless, is one of the characteristic materials of Scandinavian decoration. The vegetable fiber fabric is practical, ecological, natural, soft… In white, it goes with everything and will give elegance to a room.

Finally, for a 100% Scandinavian decoration, opt for cushions with graphic patterns to store on the sofa. Patterned fabric is the hallmark of the Scandinavian trend, but not just any pattern. We will find the triangles on the curtains, the cushions, and even the carpets.

Colors: several variations in the Scandinavian trend

There are various ways to decorate your interior according to the color palettes that go together. Indeed, there are different variations in the Scandinavian trend. For a softer and more cozy interior, it will be a palette ranging from gray to yellow as well as coppery orange.

For a more dynamic and modern Scandinavian interior, a Baltic blue will be added to the previous color palette. A particularly dapper blue that will give a much more dynamic note to a decoration.

Finally, we also have the more pastel Scandinavian trend where blue, pink and pastel green are in the spotlight. This color palette is particularly suitable for a child’s room.

Ethnic decoration: the different materials and colors to adopt

This subtle blend of exotic styles takes us on a journey through different trends. The jungle side brings a little greenery to the ethnic decoration, while the colors and natural materials come straight from the bohemian style. So if you love discovery, adventure and decoration, the ethnic look is for you. A master trend in the art of recovery that will make you travel without even leaving your home! Discover the different materials and colors to adopt to obtain an ethnic decoration in your interior.

The materials of the ethnic decoration:

Rattan, wicker, bamboo…

Natural materials such as rattan, wicker and bamboo are essential to the nature ethnic style. Braided, bamboo adapts perfectly to small furniture such as stools or side tables. It can also serve as a separation between two spaces in the form of a screen or be used in decorative luminaires. On the decorative side, you can add pretty rattan lanterns as well as woven baskets of different sizes. Ideal for displaying beautiful green plants. Finally, for the decoration of your walls, opt for a jumble of bamboo sun mirrors and flat rattan baskets. A guaranteed wow effect!

Raw wood furniture

Regarding large furniture such as the TV cabinet, the dining table or the sideboard in the entrance, raw wood should be the preferred material. Go for models on Homary.com! Indeed, the ethnic style highlights the beauty of natural things. Thus, in your dining room, opt for a beautiful table in raw wood and white chairs for a chic ethnic style, or colored in terracotta tones for a rather bohemian side.

Macrame in the decor

To dress up your walls, bet more on woven wall decorations such as macrame. Indeed, essential to ethnic decoration, macrame is found in several forms: around pots of suspended plants, at the head of the bed or even as a dream catcher, very boho chic.

The colors of the ethnic style: dynamic and colorful

Cactus green and terracotta

The ethnic style is armed with different dapper shades such as shades of orange for a more bohemian interior, but also green for a more jungle style. Sanguine colors are the ideal colors for an interior with an exotic warmth. Whether on a section of wall, on cushions or a carpet, the different shades of terracotta are to be preferred for an interior 100% ethnic decoration.

Ethnic patterns

The ethnic decoration is intended to be natural, colorful but above all rich in exotic motifs. Whether on a Berber rug, cushions or the weaving of your flat baskets, patterns are essential to ethnic decor. With its mix of cultures and traditions, ethnic patterns are most often geometric and handcrafted. Also, you will find many symmetrical and geometric patterns in a Berber rug and colorful patterns on the fabric of an Indian cushion.

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