Best Time to Visit Dubai For Honeymoon Couples

Are you considering a honeymoon in Dubai and yet to decide the best time to visit Dubai? Find all the details and book a Dubai honeymoon package by Roaming Routes for Ultimate Luxury and Romance. The very mention of Dubai evokes images of magnificent architecture, busy retail centers, soaring corporate towers, and lovely beaches. Dubai, the most traveled city in the UAE, has evolved into among the top honeymoon destinations. Also, this glittering metropolis is abundant in many aspects, including entertainment, employment prospects, lodging, cuisine, and shopping. Additionally, Dubai has a rich historical heritage.

By selecting one of the top Dubai honeymoon packages, newlyweds may enjoy an exciting and memorable trip. Moreover, you can only experience the best of Dubai if you plan your honeymoon at the best time to visit Dubai. Additionally, the existence of the world’s only seven-star hotels, which are architectural wonders, distinguishes Dubai from the entire globe. Constructed on a man-made island, the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel is renowned for its exquisite decor and abundant amenities. Dubai Tourism has flourished as a result of Dubai’s emergence as a beautiful romantic getaway, with many newlyweds eager to enjoy the city’s beauty.

The journey to Dubai is nothing if you do not see the Jumeirah Palms. Additionally, the magnificent artificial islands are the height of luxury. Dubai honeymoon packages take you on a trip amid the towering skyscrapers and mausoleums, the souks of pricey jewels and stones, or the incredible amusement parks and desert safaris for those who adore the thrill of daring experiences. Further, Dubai is a significant aspect of the finest international honeymoon packages.

Best Time To Visit Dubai

Dubai’s abundance of glitter and glamor attracts travelers like a magnet. During winter, the ideal time to visit Dubai is November and April. Whether it be the malls, the Burj Khalifa, the state-of-the-art facilities, the abundance of activities, excursions, and adventures, or the entertainment offered, Dubai is a destination that provides a wealth of options. Due to the Dubai Shopping Festival, which brings the city to life, January and February saw an influx of tourists. Additionally, it’s one of the most beautiful worldwide cities. Thus you must explore it once.

Summers In Dubai


During Summer During the summertime, the air temperature ranges from 33°C and 42°C. Weather During Summer During the summertime, Dubai is soaked with sunlight. Shimmering waves of heat engulf the city for 12 hours every day.

Temperatures may occasionally reach the forties and perhaps into the fifties. Further, humidity and temperature keep rising over these months. Sandstorms enter the city and make it tough to get around. With these conditions, the majority of outdoor events and activities are prohibited. Nonetheless, the city does not entirely shut down throughout this season.

Further, the Dubai Summer Surprises event spans ten weeks, each with a unique theme. From cuisine to art to the environment, you may celebrate everything here.

Why It May Be The Best Time To Visit Dubai?

Even though the city would be in the direct position of the sun throughout these months, Dubai’s buildings are air-conditioned and cool, enabling you to remain comfortably indoors. Additionally, hotels provide excellent savings on both dining and lodging. Despite the weather, Dubai’s nighttime is as lively as ever. The most acceptable place to enjoy a summer day is in a mall, where you can indulge in shopping. Further, the sandstorm season would also limit your outdoor activities, so schedule only essential activities inside the city.

Tips While Visiting Dubai During Summer

Hydration is essential throughout this season. Ensure that you consume at least 2 to 3 liters of water each day and eat small meals; feeling full in the summer is, to say the very least, unpleasant. Dress comfortably and have sunscreen. Further, above everything, try to limit your excursion to indoor activities.

Winters In Dubai Temperature

During the wintertime, the air temperature ranges from 17°C to 30°C. Hence the best time to visit Dubai from India is from November to March.


The colder part of the year is a comfort for the city’s residents. The temperatures in November decrease to a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius. The temperature drops to the twenties during November and December, and the nights get frigid. In January, the sun sometimes peeks out. However, the humidity remains low, and the temperatures may dip as low as 15°C.

Further, the temperature begins to rise gradually in February, but Dubai remains to have beautiful weather. The season also has light precipitation and infrequent storms for around three to four days, which will not impede any scheduled activities. This is the ideal weather and best time to visit Dubai for a honeymoon.

Why It May Be The Best Time To Visit Dubai?

Dubai is busting with activities throughout this season. November commences with Dubai Design Week, for the creative members of the society. January attracts thousands of visitors to the city as New Year’s festivities erupt. The next event is the Dubai Shopping Festival, that’s every shopper’s fantasy. Dubai’s sales, rebates, and unbelievable pricing attract a million travelers annually.

Further, the weather and festivities provide a strong argument to enjoy your time here and the best time to visit Dubai. This season enables you to travel throughout the city and enjoy the great outdoors, so enjoy and tour the city’s most recognizable landmarks to your heart’s delight. So it is the best time to go to Dubai.

Tips While Visiting Dubai During Winter

Despite the lovely weather, there are several considerations to consider throughout this season. Make sure you take several long-sleeved tops and a coat to make you feel comfortable in the evenings. January and February are brighter, and although the heat won’t be an issue, Ultraviolet rays are still a concern. Apply sunscreen before leaving your hotel!

Final Say

If you are a food lover, then Dubai Food Festival is in April, so you can enjoy this. If you are planning for May-April, don’t consider any outdoor activities. The best time to visit Dubai is during the cooler period. However, there’s always something going on in Dubai no matter what time of year you go, so plan your trip accordingly.

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